How To Organize Your Kitchen

How To Organize Your Kitchen

It's Kitchen Organizing Time!

Creating a system to keep your kitchen organized doesn't have to be complicated or custom-made. It won't require a lot of thinking, and you don't need anything fancy. However, it's still important to consider kitchen storage, especially if you want to make the most of space in a small kitchen. While there's no such thing as a perfectly organized kitchen, using clever storage solutions can save you time during meals, free up space in pantries and cabinets, and, most importantly, make your kitchen a more welcoming place. Here are 3 easy steps and recommendations to a clutter-free kitchen:


Tip 1: Declutter you space 

Start by decluttering your kitchen space. Clear out those utensils, pots, and pans that you no longer use. Think hard about those appliances – do you actually use an ice cream maker? Decisively choose what stays and what goes. As what Marie Kondo says - Keep what brings you joy.  


Tip 2: Categorise and group 

Organise your kitchen items by category while also making sure it suits how you use your kitchen. Here’s a guide to help you categorise your kitchen tools:  

  1. Dry foods, canned goods and spices 
  2. Pots, pans, dishes and other cookware 
  3. Baking essentials (for frequent bakers) 
  4. Flatware 
  5. Plates and bowls 
  6. Glasses 
  7. Special occasion china and other items used infrequently 
  8. Dishtowels and cloths 
  9. Kids’ plates, dishes and cups (if applicable) 
  10. Cleaning supplies (if these aren’t stored elsewhere in your home) 


Tip 3: Optimise storage 

Containers are the best for kitchen organisation. Invest in clear containers for pantry staples and label them like a pro. Use storage containers or drawer dividers to keep things neat. This not only makes finding things a breeze but also adds a touch of visual harmony. Invest as well in multi-functional kitchenware or tools for easier categorising. Our Deer & Oak Magnetic Knife Strip are not only for knives but also for kitchen scissors and other metal kitchen tools as well. 


Having a hard time deciding what to get? Here are our recommendations:


To give you a more detailed guide on how to organise your kitchen, watch this:

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